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Audio Recordings

Nathan Kolosko: Oud
Eric LaPerna - Darbuka, Riqq, Duff, & Saz
Maria Wagner - Nay, Clarinet
Sarah Mueller - Violin

Kutbî Dede
Udi Alan Shavarash bardezbanian
Traditional Arabic
Nathan Kolosko

Border Crossings
Nathan Kolosko: classical guitar
Carl Dimow - flute, bass flute
"The interplay between Kolosko's impassioned fretwork and Dimow's mesmerizing work on flute and bass flute is often magical. In "Border Crossings" The Kolosko-Dimow Duo has created a musical reverie."
- James Filkins - minior 7th

Baden Powell (arr. Kolosko/Dimow)
Nayarit - (Nathan Kolosko)
Klezmer Suite - (Carl Dimow)
Afro Sambas - Baden Powell ( arr. Kolosko/Dimow)

Nathan Kolosko & Dan Cosley
Classical & prepared guitars

enso - A form of Zen Buddhist painting in which the artist draws a circle with a single motion of the brush. As there is no possibility of modification, creating an enso is a spiritual discipline in which the artist embraces imperfection as an essential aspect of existence.

"...Meditative and virtuosic, the music on Enso is both beautiful and haunting"
- Alan Frank - Minor 7th

"...the searching Zen marvel ''Enso'' offers a listening experience all its own."
- Mike Olcott - Portland Phoenix

Yangisse Jarabi - (Nathan Kolosko 2009)
Improvisations - (Kolosko/Cosley)
Enso - (Dan Cosley 2009)

Songs From Formosa
Nathan Kolosko - classical guitar

"These arrangements resonated strongly with the audience, and captured the essence of the songs much better then many Taiwanese artists."
- National United Newspaper: Tainan,Taiwan

"Without exception, all of these songs are excellent in their own right and have been exceptionally well arranged by Nathan Kolosko who plays all the four pieces on the accompanying CD. Throughout these pages the music runs through a range of emotions: bitterness, joy, tragedy, humour, sadness and all done in the highest possible taste. Songs From Formosa is an absolutely delightful new release and one I can thoroughly recommend to any player of at least Grade 7 seeking new stylish, attractive repertoire."
Steve Marsh - Classical Guitar, September 2008

Nathan Kolosko - classical guitar
Carl Dimow - flute, bass flute

"Nathan Kolosko's elegant phrasing and mastery of color is simply breathtaking."
- Elizabeth Watson, Boston Flute Journal

"... a well-played program, Kolosko has a real understanding of the rhythmic subtleties that gives this tradition its character."
- American Record Guide

"...such artistry, you may find yourself levitated a few inches off the floor ... the sound is both celestial and lively."
- Portland Press Herals

"Nostalgia features some truly sublime playing, both meditative and playful, as well as a successful delivery of the sentiment expressed in the title."
- Portland Phoenix

Paulo Bellinati (1950)
Dilermando Reis (1916 -1977)
Baden Powell (1937-2000)
Baden Powell (1937 -2000)
Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959)
Celso Machado (1953)
Antonio Lauro (1917-1986)
Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992)
Baden Powell (1937-2000)
Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959)
Joao Teixeira Guimaraes (1883-1947)
Antonio Lauro (1917-1986)
Celso Machado (1953)
Raul Borges (1882-1967)
Antonio Lauro (1882-1967)

Sonatas & Sonatinas
Nathan Kolosko - classical guitar

"Great program... expertly played. Kolosko's playing is technically strong and musically engaging." - American Record Guide

Review from Classical Guitar Magazine
By Paul Fowles

Review from American Record Guide
By Steven Rings

Sonata Op. 61 - Joaquin Turina (1882 - 1949)
Sonata Leo Brouwer (1939 - )
“Fandengos y Boleros”
“Sarabanda De Scriabin”
“La Toccata De Pasquini”
Sonatina Meridional - Manuel M. Ponce (1882 - 1948)
Sonata Op. 51 Lennox Berkeley (1903 - 1989)