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Denouement - Solo Guitar
Published by: Les Productions d'OZ

Ama Lur

Ama Lur - Solo Guitar
Published by: Doberman-Yppan


Pavan - Solo Guitar
Published by: Doberman-Yppan
"This piece marked "moderato" and "misterioso" has a very moody, enigmatic feel to its harmonies that I found entirely gripping from the first note. With the 6th tuned down to D. and ostensibly in D minor it begins on a pedal of A and via a rather circuitous route only makes it to a D minor at bar 13, so the effect is immediately of tonal lurches that are fascinating to encounter, A little motto of one bar’s length keeps returning at salient points to mark the way through the piece, which is certainly playable by most people who are only moderate guitarists, except for the final couple of bars where a fortissimo run through a two handed approach on the fingerboard similar to that style used by certain acoustic steel players, makes the ending tricky but really effective. I really enjoyed this piece: it was a little different, not too difficult to play and had a nicely balanced character to it through its three-minutes-or-so of length. Nice piece."
- Chris Dumigan (Classical Guitar Magazine)

Animus Reus

Animus Reus - Solo Guitar
Published by: Doberman-Yppan
I wrote this work as a gift for several friends of mine who were handed some considerable life challenges. It is slow, lyrical and very expressive in nature. The work is structured as one big arched phrase, and the sixth string is tuned to low C, which gives the work a rich sonority and unique overtones.
"In recent times there is one composer whose name keeps making an occasional appearance in my review package and that is the American guitarist Nathan Kolosko. In my experience of playing through his music I have never once been even slightly disappointed by his skilful compositions and arrangements and in fact his Dreaming By the Stream (from the four-movement piece Songs from Formosa) has become a firm favourite of mine to perform. Animus Reus is probably going to knock Dreaming By the Stream off its pedestal as this has to be one of the most beautiful and emotionally moving solo guitar pieces I’ve come across in many a year. Apparently it was composed as a gift for four friends of the composer who had gone through some life challenges and this is well reflected in this slow, lyrical and very expressive composition. The relatively rare tuning of 6th string to low C gives Kolosko the opportunity to obtain wonderfully rich textures throughout the work. This soulful piece would move the most hardened of hearts and I can well imagine it having a stunning impact if used perhaps as an alternative calm encore item. Technically it would be manageable for the Grade 5-6 player. Highly recommended"
- Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar Magazine)


Tonadilla - Solo Guitar
Published by: Doberman-Yppan
This work is strongly influenced by the music of the Spanish composers Rodrigo and Turina, so much so that I would say that it is a Pastiche. The work is four to five minutes in length but covers a considerable amount of musical territory. It begins and ends with the same theme, evoking a melody head from a distance as in Rodrigo's En Los Trigales. Through an intense triplet passage the work builds to a false cadence before the surprise return of the initial theme, and then a concise dramatic ending.

The Myth of the Fomorians

Myth of the Fomorians - Solo Guitar
Published by: Les Productions d'OZ

The Fomorians were a mythological race believed to have inhabited Ireland in ancient times. There are two distinctly different mythologies based upon the origins of this race.

According to an 11th century text called The Book of the Dun Cow, the Fomorians, whose name means 'dark of the sea,' were a race of Gaelic demons said to have the body of a man and the head of a goat. The second, and less fantastic story, states that the Fomorians were an ancient sea-faring race thought to have originated in Northern Africa or Asia, perhaps the same race that at one point invaded Spain.

This composition, The Myth of the Fomorians, is inspired by that second myth. It poses the musical question; What would the music of Ireland sound like if it were strongly influenced by the Moorish traditions of northern Africa and Spain?

The work begins with a dance rooted in traditional Irish music while embracing the harmonic language of Moorish Spain and the rhythms of Northern Africa. The second movement builds to a rasgueado and slur section that evokes both the spirit of the oud and the flamenco guitar traditions of Spain. The work closes with a slow decrescendo and decelerando that is followed by a brief and altered recapitulation of the movements initial theme that ends in subtle suspense.

Songs from Formosa

Songs From Formosa - Solo Guitar
Published by: Les Productions d'OZ

These arrangements are based on four Taiwanese folk songs. Each setting contains a substantial amount of newly composed material. My goal has been to express the meaning behind the text while creating musical development within each piece. The four pieces were conceived as a set, but can be performed separately or in any effective combination of movements.

"Without exception, all of these songs are excellent in their own right and have been exceptionally well arranged by Nathan Kolosko who plays all the four pieces on the accompanying CD. Throughout these pages the music runs through a range of emotions: bitterness, joy, tragedy, humour, sadness and all done in the highest possible taste. Songs From Formosa is an absolutely delightful new release and one I can thoroughly recommend to any player of at least Grade 7 seeking new stylish, attractive repertoire."
- Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar, September 2008)

Five Short Pieces

Five Short Pieces - Solo Guitar
Published by: Les Productions d'OZ
Five Short Pieces were written for beginner to intermediate levelguitarists. Each piece explores specific pedagogical and musical goals. Strong melodic material paired with an accessible harmonic language make learning these pieces an enjoyable experience. (CD included)
" ... these five brief studies are imaginative in their construction and are a most welcome addition to the intermediate student repertoire. Each one has a specific didactic purpose in mind and all are quite attractive on the ear. "
- Steve Marsh (Classical Guitar, April 2007)

The 120 Missing Right Hand Studies

120 Missing Right Hand Studies - Solo Guitar
Published by: Les Productions d'OZ
These exercises were written to help the beginning guitarist develop precise and effortless right hand technique. They are essential and effective exercises for students of all ages. The title of this collection makes reference to Mauro Giuliani's 120 right hand studies. This set of exercises is an exploration of the fundamental right hand techniques that are the basis for Giuliani's studies and all classical guitar literature.