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Kolosko-Dimow Duo
Visit Carl Dimow's web page at http://www.carldimow.com
Visit Ling-Wen Tsai's web page at http://www.lingwentsai.com

Lines I
Lines I is a live performance/collaboration directed by Artist Ling-Wen Tsai. This work explores the form and metaphor of lines as it relates to the ever-progressing and linear nature of our lives. Through the use of visual, movement and sound, the work explores the temporal and fragile nature of our lives as individuals taking part in a collective/codependent existence. The work employs silent gestures, slow movement, mark making and improvised sound generated by prepared guitar and Sakuhatchi flute.

Metamorphosis of Meditation (2005)
The sound for this piece was realized by the ISQ: Improvisational String Quartet; (Guitar: Nathan Kolosko, Violin: Yasmin Vitalis, Bass: Katharine Stambach, Fretless Guitar: Al Guesto). The quartet has work together for several years and has performed throughout the Portland area. The quartet's music is completely improvised. They only discuss the music in conceptual terms, and avoid the use of any concrete musical framework during their performances.

"Metamorphosis of Meditation: An evening of Improvisation"
explores the concept of collective consciousness as it applies to both the art of improvisation and practices of spiritual enlightenment through meditation. The work begins with solo improvisations by each player, allowing Ling-Wen Tsai to develop a relationship and unique expressive language with each artist. Gradually adding additional performers the work grows into a collective improvisation. Her response and interaction with the musicians was realized on six 15' x 2' panels of translucent vinyl hung from ceiling to floor. The panels remained on display as a visual record of the live performance.